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Chasing the Light

June 18, 2017


What a view. 


After a few weeks of assimilating into the Isle Royale crew and life on the island I think this gorgeously rad sunset was painted just for me. The summer season is officially fully open and my list of tasks and responsibilities has caused a few moments of stress. On top of working full-time in a national park I am also enrolled in one last class for my undergraduate degree, interning with ACMNP, and attempting to explore as much of this wondrous place as I possibly am able. I'm not meaning to complain (I absolutely love every aspect of this exploratory adventure I've found myself in), but I want to be up front and honest with you all that living 4,000 + miles from my family for four months isn't the easiest task to endure. Albeit this nature-lover's current location and abundant amount of new friends eases the homesickness just enough. 


I once spent a few of my summer days in Alaska chasing the fish like a ranger to a trail. I never got used to the extended daylight and I never thought I could experience the same phenomenon within the continuous United States. Isle Royale proved me wrong. Although the sun does bend beyond the horizon and provides a few hours of darkness, its fulgent light shines through more than an average day's fair share of sunshine.    


I am head over hiking boots for this place and these people. Every soul has been open and welcoming and I immediately felt part of the family from the moment I stepped off the ferry. We all have our differences, but no one judges anyone else and we all just want to run off to the nearest endeavor. The nightly song of the loons will never become too familiar and the Lake Superior views will always amaze me. This park has only been a part of my life for less than a month, but this park will always be my summer love affair. 



Speaking of loving these people: the woman to my right is one of the most amazing humans I have ever been graced with knowing. She has the largest heart that can never be overfilled and just the right amount of sassiness to keep me on my toes. Even though I arrived to Isle Royale a week before she did I still feel as though she is the one who has taken me in. There are too many people I have yet to feature (just you wait), but Susie Q certainly fits the bill of "what I want to be when I grow up." 


If you ever have the chance to visit Isle Royale, chase the sunshine, or know a person like Susan... be sure to say yes to the chance. Or as I would shout: "bring on the next adventure!"

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