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Open Your Eyes

August 9, 2017


Hello my friends! You may have noticed a postage scarcity on my part, of which I do apologize. Between familial visits, fluctuating work schedules, and an absence of Internet I have been one busy lady. But despite all my trials I have still had time to hit the trails! 


The last I updated you I was talking about the isolation factor of living on Isle Royale. Don't get me wrong, I love and miss my homebound people, but I have been getting along much better in these past few weeks. The limited Internet network that I have been connected to since coming to the island booted me and everyone else off a few weeks ago and we only recently solved the problem. Although this meant I had no way of keeping y'all in the loop I think it was perfectly timed for my rejuvenation -- rather than continuing my Lake Superior documentation I was able to put all of my focus on the ever elusive "here and now." 

Working a seasonal job like Isle Royale National Park has its perks, of course, but no one really warned me how challenging it would be. Most of the employees are struggling with serious issues and/or trying to figure out who they are. At the beginning we were all energized and ready to embark on every adventure we could attempt. Since the season has gone on, though, everyone has gotten tired and reached a lull. The lady on the left of the above picture has been a rock for me. We took the same ferry out to the island and she was the first friend I made out here. Her persistence and endless adventure cravings meshes with my optimism and love of all things nature a bit too well. 


I guess there's not really one point I'm trying to make in this post. I really just wanted to share with y'all that I'm still alive and well and that I'm exceedingly thankful for the friends I've made this summer. It hasn't been the easiest journey nor the most joyful fiat, but it has certainly been a period of reflection and solitude. Thank you to Jesus for giving me these people and this place. Thank you to these people for brightening my smile. Thank you to this place for opening my eyes. 



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